Elf On The Shelf On Holiday

Who says elves are just for Christmas? We have different elves that visit throughout the year. These are our ideas for summer holiday fun at home or away.

If you have seen our previous posts you may be familiar with our Woodland Elves. They mainly come out in Autumn but they are also great to surprise the kids with a visit at other times of the year. Appearing on holiday or even at home during the summer holidays adds a little bit of extra fun.

Obviously, on holiday we are limited with space and props so the antics are on a much smaller scale than the things the Christmas Elf on The Shelf gets up to. Sometimes just having the elf arrive is magic enough without any antics.

Simple Elf On The Shelf Holiday Ideas

Here are some ideas for holiday elf fun.

  1. Leave some clues that magic is afoot before the elf appears. We often find acorns or leaves indoors as a sign the woodland elves are nearby.
  2. Bring a special breakfast cereal, perhaps one the children don’t have at home regularly.
  3. Bring a holiday themed book or magazine to read.
  4. Fly a kite from the window or maybe bring some bubbles or beach toys.
  5. Prepare a picnic for a day out.
  6. Give the children transfer tattoos whilst they are asleep.
  7. The elf could bring a selection of leaflets for local attractions to help plan days out.

Most of these ideas are all things we would have done anyway, by having the elf bring them or set them up it makes it a little more special. For some reason the children are far more impressed when the elves do things than if we suggested them ourselves.


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