Menu Ideas For a Quick and Easy North Pole Breakfast

Pintrest and Instagram and full of amazing ideas to create a home made North Pole breakfast. If you are anything like me and not creative in the kitchen or pushed for time you might want an easier option. Here are my menu ideas for a quick and easy North Pole Breakfast.

Our North Pole Breakfast is held the day our elves arrive. When our elves arrive they also put up our trees and decorations. I am usually not even starting on the breakfast until the middle of the night once the tree and house are decorated. Therefore, I don’t usually have time to create the majority of the fantastic creations I usually save on Pintrest. All of the items here are either pre-bought or take no time at all to prepare.

Savoury Breakfast Foods

The North Pole breakfast can be as healthy as you choose. Although the basis of ours is usually all the foods that I don’t allow for breakfast, I do try and sneak some foods that don’t have sugar as their main ingredient.

Christmas Crumpets

quick and easy North Pole Breakfast.  Crumpets
Novelty Christmas Crumpets

These are a must at our North Pole Breakfast. If you have read The Christmasaurus you will know they are a staple elf food at the North Pole.

They are usally available in Asda stores from November onwards. These freeze well so I buy them early and hide them away at the back on the freezer. The shapes are usually christmas trees or snowmen.

North Pole Toast

This is another very simple savoury idea that takes no time at all. Simply take as many slices as bread as you will need and Stamp a Christmas picture on each slice using a biscuit cutter. Press down just enough to leave a clear indent but don’t cut all the way through the bread. The bread can be covered and put on the table ready for toasting. When toasted the Christmas pictures will show up nicely.


Keep an eye out from November onward for limited edition Christmas packaging. Sometimes you can buy Christmas Babybels or The Snowman and Father Christmas shaped cheese selections, these are ideal for adding to the toast or crumpets.

quick and easy North Pole Breakfast ideas.  Sculpted Christmas Butter
Christmas Butter

The past few years Morrison’s have sold sculpted Christmas shaped butter which looks spectacular.


The usual rule for breakfast cereal in our house is not sugary or chocolatey. For the North Pole breakfast we have cereal like Lucky Charms which they know I would never buy.

quick and easy North Pole Breakfast ideas. Christmas Cereal
Sainsburys 2019 Christmas Cereal

Last year Kellogs Rice Crispies had limited edition Elf On the Shelf packaging which would be great if you have the official elf and it is a less sugar laden option.

Sainsburys had their own Christmas themed cereal last year as well as mince pie flavour porridge. I am keeping my eye out for similar items this year.

I love cinnamon so I also try and find a cinnamon flavour cereal. Kellogs have a cute dragon cinnamon cereal out this year. I have already stashed a box away for the North Pole Breakfast.


To balance the sugar I also add a fruit option. This is the only item on the menu that requires a bit of preparation.

quick and easy North Pole Breakfast ideas.  Fruit Candy Cane

I make up a plate of fruit Santa hats consisting of a mix of strawberries on cocktail sticks with bannna fur trims and a marshmallow bobble, strawberries with fresh cream trims and grapes (even better if you can find the candy floss variety) with a raspberry hat. The centre piece is a strawberry and banana candy cane in the middle. This does work best if you prepare this in the morning so it doesn’t brown and the cream doesn’t melt. There’s no way I’d be able to get downstairs without waking the kids so I do prepare it the night before and store in the fridge.

Sweet Treats

quick and easy North Pole Breakfast ideas. North Pole Cupcakes
North Pole Breakfast Cupcakes

We have a sleigh shaped cupcake stand we purchased from Lakeland some years ago. You can buy pre-made cupcakes or make your own if you have time. My sister in Law makes ours with green food dye for the cakes.

We have Poptarts and Christmas shaped Marshmallows in bowls and finally instead of boiled eggs in egg cups we have elf egg cups with kinder eggs.

quick and easy North Pole Breakfast ideas. Christmas Yogurts
Christmas Yogurts

Christmas themed yogurts are sometimes in the shops and these make a good breakfast addition if you can get them.

I will update this page if I find any other menu ideas for a quick and easy North Pole Breakfast as we get closer to Christmas. Do you have any North Pole Breakfast menu items you look forward to?


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