Autumn Treasure

A collage we made a few years ago.

When I was a child my favourite part of Autumn was walking through the park on the way home from school, collecting treasure. We would go home and make collages of all the leaves, seeds, acorns etc we had found. Conkers were gathered from the big tree behind the swimming pool after our swimming lessons and strung up for a game of conkers. My own children have enjoyed the same Autumn activities over the years.

Collecting our first piece of treasure.

The leaves haven’t started turning their beautiful Autumn shades yet, but last week I rounded up my niece and nephews and headed to the park for an Autumn treasure hunt. They absolutely loved hunting for seeds, leaves, cones and “conks”. We even managed to find a small pile of leaves to kick.

I bought a small basket and the younger ones made an Autumn treasure basket. The older kids showed an interest in what we had found and were able to look up what each item was and what plant or tree it came from.

We will look out for more treasure as the leaves start changing and use them for some simple Autumn craft activities.

Making the treasure basket.

Autumn is a magical time for children to get involved with nature and create warm memories that don’t cost money, as adults we often overlook the simple things that are fascinating to children. I’m guilty of doing activities when they are small and assuming they won’t be interested when they are older. My own children were a bit disappointed I had taken their cousins on a treasure hunt without them, so I’m sure I will be doing another one with my children soon; which I’m looking forward to.

Completed treasure basket


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