Easter Bunny Breakfast Tradition

We try and make Easter as special as Christmas and we look forward to it almost as much.

This year it looks as though our Easter Holidays will be very different. Due to the current Corona virus outbreak I am planning ahead so the children can still enjoy as many of our Easter traditions as possible.

I have enough decorations luckily from previous years and I have been spreading the cost by buying little Easter treats since they appeared in the shops. The final baking ingredients were purchased this week so we are as ready as we can be for an indoors only Easter if necessary.

The Breakfast

Easter Bunny Breakfast Menu

The first tradition I want to share is my favourite. The Elve’s Christmas North Pole Breakfast was so popular with the kids that a few years ago the Easter Bunny decided to get in on the action. The children were amazed on Good Friday to awake to an Easter Bunny Breakfast.  This is now eagerly awaited each year.   

To create the breakfast thee table is laid with Easter tableware with printed menus to compliment the Easter treats on offer. The breakfast is set up in the night / early morning so the children are surprised when they wake up, adding to the mystery of the Easter Bunny.

Easter Bunny Breakfast Menu Ideas

Our menu varies each year but is usually similar to the following foods: 
Nesquick bunny cereal
Nesquick milkshake
Chocolate pop tarts 
Easter Bunny and chick marshmallows
Easter shaped crumpets 
Hot cross buns
Easter cupcakes. 

This is a lovely way to start the Easter holidays or Easter weekend and is just one of our Easter traditions that make it a magical occasion. 

As Easter gets closer I will be sharing our other Easter traditions, despite being adapted or scaled back versions this year I will try and keep the magic. Having something to look forward to is important during these uncertain times.

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