Halloween 2020 – Ideas for a Safe Celebration

Halloween 2020 – Not Cancelled

Halloween 2020 will look a bit different this year, that doesn’t have to mean it is cancelled entirely. Here are some ideas for a fun, socially distanced Halloween 2020.

Trick or Treating

We had resigned ourselves to the fact that Trick or Treating would probably not be happening this year, with new Corona Virus restrictions likely to be in place by then. However, I spotted a fantastic idea on a Facebook Group The Big Neighbourhood Pumpkin Trail.

The idea is people put up pictures of pumpkins in their windows, similar to the lockdown rainbows we had earlier in the year. You can take your children on a walk around your local area to spot the pumpkin pictures. Each time your child spots a pumpkin in a window you put a sweet in their trick or treat bag. I thought this was a brilliant idea. Another bonus is you can take part at any time of the day instead of waiting until it is dark. This would also avoid disturbing people who, understandably may be worried about multiple people knocking on their doors. The children can even wear their Halloween costumes to make it really fun.


Here are some ideas for a fun, socially distanced Halloween 2020.
Pumpkin Pinatas

Another fun Trick or Treat alternative for the kids to get their Halloween Sweets is a Pinata. These have been spotted in Hobbycraft and Home Bargains (in store only). They come empty for you to fill yourselves. Alternatively, you can turn it into a craft activity and make your own.

Fun Feasts

Be It a Halloween breakfast spread, or a spooky tea, having a themed meal always makes a celebration more fun. Use some spooky tableware and foods that have a Halloween twist to set the party mood. We may not be able to have our usual guests this year, but there is no reason you can’t hold a household only party meal.

Elves and Friends

Halloween is another opportunity for some magic visitors. You could bring back your Elf On The Shelf for a short visit or find a new magical visitor.

Halloween Ideas 2020
Halloween Elf Visitors

Our Woodland Elves visit us for Halloween, there are a few of them now so we never know which one will arrive. They really help Halloween feel like a magical occasion and build the excitement with their antics.

There are even Elf On The Shelf inspired Halloween visitors available such as The Switch Witch and The Skeleton In The Closet.

Halloween Baking and Craft

Halloween 2020 Ideas
Haunted Gingerbread House from 2019

I always see lots of great Halloween recipes and craft ideas but don’t always have time to try them. This year, if we cannot visit our usual Halloween events I hope to finally try some of these ideas.

I have already purchased some Halloween cupcake kits from B&M and some wooden Halloween craft from Hobbycraft to get us started.

Last year we made this Haunted Gingerbread House from Morrisons. I don’t usually like Gingerbread but this was delicious. I hope they bring it back this year.

Halloween Movie Night

Halloween 2020 Ideas
Halloween PJs ready for Movie Night

Grab your Popcorn and snacks, put on your snuggly PJs and settle down for a scary movie night. There are some family friendly Halloween films suitable for all ages so you can find a movie for everyone that won’t scare the younger ones. Who can resist Hocus Pocus or Bedknobs and Broomsticks?

If you aren’t buying costumes this year maybe you could treat the children to some Halloween PJs instead? Sainsburys even have adult nighties this year.

Spooky Stories

Grab your spookiest story books and settle down for a spooky story session. Maybe not to close to bedtime though. Some of our favourites are Gobbolino the Witches Cat, Funny Bones, The Winnie The Witch series and A Halloween Scare at My House.

Now the children are all getting older they still like sharing the younger stories with their cousins. Over Easter whilst we were in lock down they video called the little ones to read the Easter books to them. Maybe you could arrange a virtual torch light ghost stories session for older children with their friends?

Pumpkin Carving

Halloween 2020 Ideas
Carved Pumpkins

We can’t forget the main Halloween centre Piece, the Jack O’ Lantern. I hope there will still be some pumpkin patches open, if not the Supermarkets should still have some pumpkins available. As Halloween is a Saturday this year we are going to take our time with our designs and make an afternoon of carving them. Even if we cannot hand out treats this year I’m hoping people will still put out pumpkins, we love looking at all the creative designs.

Not Cancelled, Just Different

I hope you have found this useful and you now have some more Ideas for a fun socially distanced Halloween 2020. What fun ideas have you come up with for this very unusual Halloween?


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