Autumn Comfort Food

As the weather changes and the nights start drawing in I look for warm filling comfort food that gets me in the mood for the changing season. Whilst America goes mad for pumpkin spice at this time of year, aside from the Starbucks pumpkin spice latte it isn’t yet a big trend here. We make … Read more

Autumn Treasure

When I was a child my favourite part of Autumn was walking through the park on the way home from school, collecting treasure. We would go home and make collages of all the leaves, seeds, acorns etc we had found. Conkers were gathered from the big tree behind the swimming pool after our swimming lessons … Read more

Meet Our Woodland Elves

We now have 4 woodland elves that visit us. They don’t always appear together. They have been known to visit other family member’s houses, follow us on holiday or appear during a day out.  They are usually around for Halloween and Autumn festivities but they can surprise us at any time of year. The first … Read more

An Introduction to Halloween / Autumn

September has arrived, the children are back at school and the Christmas planning has begun. Before Christmas however, we have Halloween to prepare for. During October Half Term our woodland elves arrive and start to create the magic. The woodland elves are much more low key than the Christmas elves, thankfully. They mainly help with … Read more