Menu Ideas For a Quick and Easy North Pole Breakfast

Pintrest and Instagram and full of amazing ideas to create a home made North Pole breakfast. If you are anything like me and not creative in the kitchen or pushed for time you might want an easier option. Here are my menu ideas for a quick and easy North Pole Breakfast.

How to Come Up With New Elf On The Shelf Antics Year on Year

How To Come Up With New Elf On The Shelf Antics Year On Year

Starting out Elf on The Shelf can be very exciting with lots of ideas of cool antics. A few years in you may find yourself running out of ideas and it can seem like you’ve done all the best antics already. This year will be our 9th year with elf visitors. This post will share a few tricks I use to come up with new ideas every year.

Easter Bunny Breakfast Tradition

Table Laid for Easter Bunny Breakfast

We try and make Easter as special as Christmas and we look forward to it almost as much. This year it looks as though our Easter Holidays will be very different. Due to the current Corona virus outbreak I am planning ahead so the children can still enjoy as many of our Easter traditions as … Read more

Hyde Park Winter Wonderland – Santa’s Grotto, Paddington on Ice and Magical Ice Kingdom Review

This year I had trouble finding a grotto to visit. I wanted to keep it simple with a Father Christmas that looked like he hadn’t hired a budget fancy dress costume. Having looked at photos online I decided I would try the Santa’s grotto at winter wonderland. One of the advantages of the Winter Wonderland … Read more